Martingale System In Roulette And Blackjack

If there’s one gambling strategy most gamblers are familiar with, it’s the Martingale strategy.

If not, you’ll find everything you need to know in our guide.

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What is the Martingale strategy?

The Martingale betting system is one of the oldest and most popular progressive betting strategies. It’s used for several casino games, including blackjack, but the Martingale roulette strategy is where it’s most commonly used.

Martingale rests on the theory that players can recoup their losses by doubling their stake after each loss until they win again.

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The goal of the Martingale strategy

The Martingale betting system aims to help you to recover losses and enhance your chances of making a profit by increasing your bet size after each loss.

The system operates on the theory that you will eventually win, and when you do, you will not only recover your losses, you’ll make a little bit on top.

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The Martingale strategy in practice

Here’s an example of how the Martingale betting system works in practice:

  • Bet one unit.
  • If you lose, bet two units.
  • If you lose again, bet four units.
  • If you lose again, bet eight units.
  • If you win, return to one unit
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    Your top tips for using the Martingale betting system

    Wise up with our Bitdreams tips for casino gambling and apply your favourite strategy to our great games.

    The best way to get into the Martingale betting system at Bitdreams is to set your budget first and then follow these five tips to enhance your strategy further.

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    Tip 1: Set a feasible budget

    Before using the Martingale strategy, or any other betting strategy for that matter, it’s important to decide what your maximum budget is, which is effectively the maximum amount you’re willing to lose.

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    Tip 2: Start smart by starting small

    Begin with a small unit value and gradually increase it as you become more comfortable using the Martingale betting strategy.


    Tip 3: Don’t deviate

    It’s important to follow the system carefully, even if it seems counterintuitive. The Martingale system is designed to achieve a specific outcome.

    Unless you have fully depleted your bankroll, it’s best to keep going and stick with the strategy.

    Tip 4: If you are experienced, consider tables with no limits: Here’s why

    As an experienced player, table limits may prevent you from continuing to double your bet size after several losses.

    As a beginner, table limits can help you not to spend too much or exceed your bankroll, so they can come in handy.


    Tip 5: Always keep your bankroll in mind

    Doubling your bet size after each loss can quickly deplete your bankroll. If that happens, don’t be tempted to chase your losses.

    Stop playing and try again another time.

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    Conclusion: Get your Martingale winning streak started

    If you’re looking for a strategy to boost your roulette or blackjack experience at Bitdreams, the Martingale strategy is a top option.

    We’ve got a great selection of black jack and roulette games, including plenty of live dealer options.

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