Online Blackjack Australia 2024 - Real Money & Free Play

You can play online blackjack in Australia for fun, or for real money, right here at Bitdreams. Here’s what you need to know.

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Playing blackjack at Bitdreams

Yes, you heard us right. Here at Bitdreams, Australian blackjack enthusiasts can enjoy over 70 of our standard blackjack game variations completely free. You can play for as long as you want using an endless pot of virtual currency.

Naturally, our real money users can wager real money on those games too, but in addition, you’ll have access to well over 300 live dealer blackjack games that are available to play 24/7.

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Blackjack basics

Not surprisingly, blackjack is one of the most popular card games we feature here at Bitdreams. It’s a very easy game to get the hang of, but for the benefit of our new Bitdreamers, or for those of you who have never tried blackjack before, we’re going to run through the basics.

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Blackjack facts

Below is a quick list of some useful facts relating to blackjack. These are pretty much carved in stone, regardless of the Bitdreams blackjack variation that you choose to try out.

  • Cards have values ranging from one to 11
  • The goal is to get 21 points, or as close as you can
  • In order to win you only need to beat the dealer, not the other players
  • The odds and probabilities for blackjack are pre-defined
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Blackjack card values

Before you play your first game of blackjack here at Bitdreams, you need to understand how the scoring system works and the points value assigned to each card.

  • Numbered cards (2-10): Scored at face value
  • Face cards (Jack, Queen, King): All picture cards are valued at 10
  • Ace: 1 or 11 – used as whichever value best suits your hand

As you will see further on in our Bitdreams blackjack guide, the flexibility of an Ace card is a crucial factor to consider when you are dealt one.

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Winning blackjack hands

The aims of every blackjack game you play at Bitdreams are the same – you need to get as close to 21 points as possible and to beat the dealer’s score.
Here are the three ways those things can happen:

  1. Your score is higher than the dealer’s and under 21
  2. You hit 21 with your first two cards and the dealer doesn’t
  3. The dealer goes ‘bust’ by scoring more than 21
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Losing at blackjack

When playing blackjack at Bitdreams you are just as likely to lose a hand as you are to win it. But there are actually only two ways that you can lose to the dealer.

  1. You go ‘bust’ your hand by scoring more than 21 points
  2. The dealer’s final score is under 21, but is still higher than yours

Later in our Bitdreams guide, we’ll explore more about strategies to help you avoid those two scenarios.


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Can you tie in a game of blackjack?

While it is unusual for this to happen, it is a possibility and a blackjack game has an 8.48% chance of ending this way. Basically, a tie occurs when your score matches the dealer’s and you’ll see we describe this as a ‘push’ here at Bitdreams. If your game results in a push, your initial stake will be returned to you.


The order of blackjack play at Bitdreams

The order of play for each blackjack hand is always the same and there are five stages for each round.

  1. You place your bet
  2. The cards are dealt
  3. You play your hand
  4. The dealer plays their hand
  5. Winning bets are paid out

Although it is all fairly straightforward, we’ll explain more about your options at each stage over the next few sections of this Bitdreams guide.

Place your blackjack bet

When you play blackjack games at Bitdreams, bets are placed before the game commences. This part takes a little longer for live blackjack games, where there are multiple players involved in the action.

Below the potential outcomes for any game:

    • Player wins – 42.22%
    • Dealer wins – 49.1%
    • Tie/push – 8.48%

Each Bitdreams blackjack game has individual minimum and maximum bet limits assigned, so you’ll always find options to suit your style and budget.

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The cards are dealt

When all bets have been placed, each player receives two cards, which are dealt face up. For multiplayer games, the cards are dealt out in a clockwise direction (left to right from the dealer’s viewpoint).

Once that is done, the dealer’s will deal their own cards, one being dealt face down and the other, face up. This part is very straightforward, but next we move on to where you will have some decisions to make.

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Playing your hand

To play your hand, you first look at the value of the two cards in front of you. If they add up to 21, you have a ‘blackjack’ and you don’t need to do anything.

If your cards total less than 21, you can choose to ‘stick’ (stay as you are) or ‘hit’ (have another card dealt). If you opt to hit, bear in mind that if you go over 21 you will go bust.


How the dealer plays their hand

When your Bitdreams dealer plays their own hand, there are certain rules they must follow:

  • If the dealer’s score is 16 or lower, they must take another card
  • If the dealer’s score is 17 or greater, then they must stick
  • The dealer cannot double, split or surrender*

Don’t worry if you are confused here, we’ll explain these concepts in more depth a little later.

Winning bets are paid out

Once your Bitdreams has finished playing their hand, there are four potential outcomes:

  1. Your dealer goes bust and you’ll win even money (1x your original bet)
  2. Your score is higher than the dealer’s and you get even money
  3. The hand results in a tie with the dealer (push) and your stake is returned
  4. Your score is lower than the dealer’s and you lose your bet

Bitdreams blackjack playing options

Although Bitdreams blackjack dealers cannot use these playing options during a hand, our players can.

  1. Double down – You can double your bet and receive one extra card only.
  2. Split – If you have two cards of the same value, you can ‘split’ them into two hands and place an extra bet.
  3. Surrender – If you don’t think you’ll win, you can ‘surrender’ (quit the round) and get half your stake back.

Online variations of blackjack at Bitdreams

Here at our Bitdreams online casino in Australia there are many different types of blackjack for you to play. Here is a quick look at just a few of the variations we have on offer:

  • American blackjack
  • European blackjack
  • 21 Burn
  • Lucky sevens
  • Super 7
  • Pontoon
  • Pirate 21
  • Blackjack VIP
  • Live blackjack

We can’t explore every option in this guide, but we’ll cover some of the most popular blackjack games in the next few sections.

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Super 7

The Super 7 Blackjack game is completely unique to Bitdreams. It’s an intriguing multideck derivative of blackjack where you can play up to three hands simultaneously in each round and there are also a number of different betting options to explore. Although this is a game that is favoured by our more experienced players, you can always give it a try in ‘Play for Fun’ mode until you get the hang of things.

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21 Burn

This blackjack game was created by renowned software developer Betsoft and it’s another variation that is very popular with our Bitdreams players. Although this game has a lot in common with standard blackjack games, it does have one very unique feature. If you don’t like the look of one of your cards, you have the option to ‘burn’ it in exchange for another. However, this will cost you half of your wager.


Live blackjack at Bitdreams

The jewel in the Bitdreams crown is undeniably our live blackjack collection. The action all takes place via an HD stream and it’s the closest thing you’ll find to walking through the doors of a land-based casino. There are other players in the game alongside you, and the cards are dealt by a live dealer. Here at Bitdreams, we have 325 versions of live blackjack for you to play, including VIP tables with increased limits.

Play blackjack for free at Bitdreams

You can play more than 70 blackjack games completely free at Bitdreams and you won’t even need to open an account to try them. Any blackjack games you find in our lobby with the ‘Play for Fun’ link when you hover over them are available right now.

Our free games are the same as the real money versions, except you’ll play with virtual currency and unfortunately, you won’t be able to take your winnings home.

Other free games at Bitdreams

It’s not just blackjack that’s available to play for free here at Bitdreams, our generosity extends to hundreds of other table games like roulette, baccarat and even niche titles like Pai Gow Poker.

You can also take your pick from over 3,000 titles and play online pokies in Australia for free or try out our exclusive selection of crypto and instant win games for a whole new experience.

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Play blackjack at Bitdreams for real money

Once you’ve tested out our Bitdreams games for free, you then have the option to play online blackjack for real money at our online casino in Australia. All you need do is to create an account and make a real money deposit of at least $20.

Better still, you’ll also have the option to claim our generous three-part welcome package, where you can get a bonus worth up to $2,000 and 200 free spins.


Play real money blackjack online with a bonus at

We’ve got a decent welcome package to get you started when playing online blackjack here at Bitdreams. When you register, you can get up to $2,000 in bonus credits and 200 free spins across your first three deposits.

Here‘s how it works:

  1. First deposit – 100% up to $100 and 100 free spins
  2. Second deposit – 75% up to $400 and 50 free spins
  3. Third deposit – 50% up to $1,500 and 50 free spins

Are you ready to become a Bitdreamer?

After reading our guide about playing blackjack at Bitdreams, we hope that you’re keen to come along and try out our massive selection of games.

Don’t forget, there’s no obligation, you can play thousands of games here for free without the need to open an account, or you can jump straight in and play for real money with as little as $20. The choice is yours and we’re definitely looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

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